In February 2020, I spoke a word to our church straight from God - that we would have a place we call home and 1,000 people would call it home. When God gives a vision, it takes the people willing to walk in faith to see it come to pass. The Witness Campaign is all about us coming together as a church, in faith, building a future home of life-change through Jesus!


Pastor Ryan and Leah Keller

Witness Campaign Goal $300,000
$74,34 0


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The building is not the vision, it is only a tool to reach more people for Jesus!


We value God's presence at Church on a Mission, so our worship experiences are geared to having an intimate and personal encounter with Jesus. The design of this auditorium shows the limitless capabilities for our team to be creative in sharing the message of Jesus while having a dark room feel for that intimate and personal experience. Imagine the lives that will be touched here!


We value relationships at Church on a Mission. This is why we want the lobby to be a place that is bright, exciting, energetic, and gives everyone the ability to hang out in community. The Lobby will contain a cafe for some coffee, the CM Merch store, and places for you to sit and catch up with friends.


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