Check out this video to hear about this page and how it'll help you and your family live a God-first life!

One of the single best resources you can have in your pocket at all times is the Bible app! This is the app that our entire team uses and it's full of incredible resources. The YouVersion Bible app has hundreds of translations of the Bible, tens of thousands of both Bible reading plans and devotionals, even has a feature where someone will read the Bible to you!

This one simple app is an incredible tool to have to grow in your faith, I would so encourage that you download it and have it right on your home page on your phone! There's even a website for the app that has all the same features.


These Family Devotionals are designed to be done at a point in your family's day where you're all together. Each devotional is 2 or 3 days in length so they can be done in a weeks time.

In each devotional you'll read some Scripture, talk about the passage, and even hear some insight from our Youth Team!


The Bible is a big book, we get it. We made some simple Bible Reading Plans to help you take the Bible one step at a time. Some plans are designed for general reading, some are built on specfic topics. 


We made a Youtube Playlist of some amazing videos that are geared towards the whole family! On the playlist you'll find sermons, great channels to subscribe to, and some other fun things!